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11 Goals for Every Business Sale

At Aria, we encounter many types of transactions, but when we chat with our valued partners and clients, we discover the same repeating themes. Here are eleven objectives we strive toward in every deal, based on real-world results from our clients:

01 Have the company to be positioned to receive the most that we can get in the marketplace.

02 Have the management be able to focus on running our business without any employees, customers or referrals knowing that they are selling the company.

03 Make the entire process to be not as daunting as a client thought because they chose us to be their partner.

04 Find the buyer and obtain a sales price that exceeds all expectations.

05 Demonstrate high levels of experience and competence in what we are doing.

06 Be masterful in how we manage each issue to resolution, with the very least amount of disruption to the business.

07 Successfully market the company and determine how to increase its value throughout the process.

08 Have a strategic focus to close the transaction quickly and quietly.

09 Find ways to improve deal structure in the most advantageous way for the client.

10 Make the process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

11 Have the right post sales transition plan to help the client achieve their ultimate goal.